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3 Best E-book Readers for Java Mobiles - TechnoDelight

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Ubuntu drops Unity desktop environment for good. Please enter your comment! I quickly discovered that I was wrong. I found that I could read just as fast and with as much enjoyment on the smaller screen as with the PDA or even a printed book. Sounds impossible, but I think having a limited amount of text on the screen helps me focus.

With a larger screen or a real book, I would frequently skip back to re-read something and then have to search to find my place again. Because the small screen holds just the right amount of text around characters to read at a single glance I never loose my place.

Read E-books on Your Java Mobile Phone

One of the techniques taught in speed reading classes is to pace yourself by following the text with your finger. The small screen seems to have a similar effect for me. So how does one go about reading eBooks on a phone? Palm, Windows Mobile and Symbian users have a number of free readers to choose from. Mobipocket also has a reader for most recent Blackberrys. Some good smartphone readers for unprotected content are Plucker Palm and readM S Almost all the smartphone readers support a full range of formating like bold, italic, images and multiple fonts in the same document and they can read books in many formats without conversion.

Java ME based readers work on almost any phone. There are at least two mobile websites that offer free Java eBooks for download.

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Manybooks m. I tried both these sites but neither really worked for me. Most books from Manybooks were too large over KB to load on my phone. An old Nokia at least loaded the books but the Wattpad reader only let me read the first pages before it refused to page down any more! I know that books from both these sites do work on many phones so I recommend trying them first.

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  6. Downloading books OTA is certainly the easiest way to get books on a phone. Update 6-July Update July The Tequilacat. Use at your own risk,. It worked perfectly on all my phones. TCBR is a powerful and user friendly piece of software. The shell knows the capabilities of many popular phones so in most cases the only configration needed is picking the brand and model of your phone from a dropdown.

    If the book you are building is larger than the maximum, TequilaCat Shell will split it up into multiple files. A preview pane lets you view the book to check formatting. By itself, Tequilacat can only create Java books from plain text files, but the latest version 2. The Tequilacat website http: It a bit of a shame that there is no way to legally read copyrighted best sellers on non-smartphones. I think the eBook vendors are missing an opportunity by not selling eBooks in Java Midlet form.

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    However, there is plenty of good free reading available. In the US, any book published before is out of copyright and freely distributable. More and more writers are releasing books under the various Creative Commons licenses. MobiPocket Reader Landscape. Anyview 3. LyricShow Player 0. ReadManiac 2. ReadManiac V2. Anyview Mobile Ebook Reader V3.

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