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Bug Fixes Increased Stability. With the brilliance of the Tech Industry, there is no excuse for such complete failure. This app has not worked correctly since I downloaded it.

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  2. miracle box advanced android tool download.
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When I touch to open the app, the screen changes for a second, then I am back to my home screen with no app open. I touch it again, same thing. Usually by the 3rd try, it will actually open and STAY open.

Waiting for the catch. Could a developer be so generous as to just give us something that works without messing about?

iPhone Screenshots

Where are the intrusive advertisements and up-sells? Want a simple app that allows you to easily scan qr-codes without fuss? Well look no further. Quick Scan is appropriately so named. It's so easy, it's unreal. Great for us gray haired folks who just want to scan, not learn the secrets of the universe.

App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Description The quickest and most powerful QR code Reader, ever!

How to scan QR codes on your iPhone or iPad

Feedback Bug Fixes Increased Stability. With it, you can scan all standard 1D as well as 2D type codes. Making the best use of the flashlight, it is equipped to perfectly scan even in the dark. As it saves entire scan history, you can easily access all the scans. Free Download. Quick Scan is a highly competent QR code scanner app. You can share the QR code via text message or email. It keeps a scan history to let comfortably access all the scanned QR codes.

Simple Scan fully equipped to scan QR code and barcode with the desired result.

Best Barcode and QR Code Scanner Apps for iPhone

With the bulk scan mode, it allows you to scan multiple QR codes with comfortably. You can completely trust it to deliver the best result. Barcode Scanner is lightning fast and scans all sorts of QR codes flawlessly. As it supports flashlight, you will be able to scan codes even in dark environments comfortably. The clean user-interface and easy-to-use feature make this QR code reader very handy. You can use iCloud to keep your entire data synchronized across the compatible devices.

Besides, it also lets you save your data to Dropbox and Google Drive for additional security. It can let you search prices and product details from almost any retailers like Amazon, BestBuy, Wal-Mart and more. You can use it to save your favorite products. It also allows you to share product links via Twitter, Facebook, email, etc. The link is opened. Got it. Simple barcode and QR code reader.

‎Scandit Barcode Scanner on the App Store

This is a pretty old app and not that popular, but it gets the job done. I hate the ads but why I stick to it is because it removes all clutter by having very minimal features. You can keep track of the codes you scanned — which is handy — and of course, you can also save the photo of the stuff you scanned. Two features that are routinely missing in other scanners. This is another of those scan and compare type apps, but the interface is good.

Pretty good.

It's really easy to scan QR codes on iOS devices

What if you want to make a QR code instead of just reading them? Which one of these apps has impressed you? It would be cool to know the name of your favorite app.