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This another pool game that features tight, realistic graphics and many modes of game play: One of the better pool games in the App Store, Killer Pool features finger swipes for shooting, realistic physics, official APA 8-ball and 9-ball rules, official-sized tables, tournament mode, and much more. It also features a unique version of play called Octokiller, which is played on an octoganal table where players eliminate each other by sinking their balls; the last player with balls on the tables is the winner.

Killer mode is a classic multiplayer game that you can play with up to ten players.

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For those who love snooker, this game is for you. The game allows you to play others over the Internet and features great physics and awesome graphics, plus a home table where you can practice at anytime. Another billiards game by I-play, this one features the pool star Steve Davis in an online pool game that features 8-ball, 9-ball, straight pool, and a trick shots mode. The online mode lets you play up to eight players at a time. Pool Break is one game that has fantastic replay value. To start, Pool Break has eleven types of pool games, all with a realistic feel due to the great physics engine that the developer included.

What is really unique about this game is the online aspect that includes real time chat as well a playing with Android users. Aside from that, this app is a regular pool game that is highly recommended for those who enjoy pool. Midnight Pool was the top pool game when it was released, and still holds it own against the newer games that have popped up since its release in mid The graphics still owe a lot to the playability to this game.

Midnight Pool includes seven bars and seven characters to choose from, 8-ball U. Another good online pool game, Arcade Pool Online lets you play with people around the globe and also features a single player mode to improve your skills.

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Micropool has 4 games: It has realistic graphics and authentic sounds to make it a good time waster. You can adjust the difficulty level, start your pool game where you left off, and the whole game is built upon ease of use for the beginner and advanced pool player. One of only a handful of pool games to include snooker, Adrenaline Pool Online 2 also features your normal game sets like 8-ball, 9-ball, and Straight, and also includes automatic match making, voice chat, worldwide ranking, and friends lists.

Crisp HD graphics on the iPad, good ball control and physics, and the ability to play against the masters. I would like to see tighter fine-tuning of shots, and the balls seem just a little stiff. However, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better Snooker game in the App Store. You must rid the table of red balls but keep the yellow ones from falling. This game will certainly test your pool skills. Great graphics and all around fun pool game.

Crazy Pool 3D is also Open Feint enabled, and there are also achievements to unlock.

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Pool Pro Online 3 for iPad was rated as one of the top 15 must-have games for the iPad when it was released in early April Online features are fairly standard including online chat and a global leaderboard. You can earn in-game cash and spend your winnings on things like new felts, cue sticks, and pool halls.

Watch movies of Curly the hustler guide you through six pool halls and opponents, with tips and tricks showing you the ropes on how to make great shots. Included are ghost balls and aim lines that help you accurately set up difficult shots. Virtual Pool HD supports both landscape and portrait modes with 3D backdrops.

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Anytime Pool also has 14 opponents, five international locations including China and the UK, and the ability to invite Facebook friends. Compete against 32 opponents in this iPhone pool game with a pass-and-play functionality between two players. There is also an arcade mode that has you passing challenges in order to earn gold, silver, and bronze medals. In Pool Ninja, your task is to complete each of 60 challenges over three difficulty levels in the fastest time possible by clearing all the red balls from the table.


The levels get progressively more challenging as you unlock each one. Here is a nice pool game for the iPad that looks fantastic and handles beautifully. It only has three game types, three difficulty settings, and four characters to choose from, but what it lacks in customization it makes up for in physics, graphics, and fun.

It has a few bugs to work out, but I predict it will be one of the top billiards games in the App Store soon. Check it out. There are no turns; you just go for it. You can play against AI opponents or against the clock. It boasts realistic physics to the point where you can even knock balls off the table, just like the real thing! Here is an alternative pool game with a different spin on billiards. You must pot all the balls on the screen before they explode. Sounds easy, but clunky aim mechanics make it harder than it should be.

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Top 5 Billiards Apps for Your Mac

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